"The Ticket Machine at Your Hand."

Save your money & time for buying tickets. Use M-Ticketing to buy Bus,Train,Park or any tickets from any location at any time using mobile phone.

Mobile Ticketing is a method by which anybody can purchase tickets through mobile phone. It is convenient for mobile phone user to buy tickets without going to the ticket counter by loading mobile wallet balance form any authorized POS, then buy tickets using different mobile input applications. After each successful ticket purchase, customer will receive a SMS with an e-Ticketing number which need to be shown to the ticket counter to collect the physical ticket. We, Semicon Private Limited, introduce Mobile Ticketing as M-Ticketing.

There are several benefits of implementing M-Ticketing:

  • M-Ticketing reduces Paper & Distribution Cost
  • M-Ticketing saves labor
  • M-Ticketing saves time
  • Increased Revenue