Cable TV Billing:

This is online software of monthly Cable TV billing for cable operators in Bangladesh. Cable TV operators will find this billing software very much helpful to run their daily cable TV operation. The software is developed according to the requirements from cable TV operators. Using this online software, cable operators can easily maintain their customer’s information, prepare monthly billing, find location wise billing and connection status etc. finally manage their day-to-day business operation more efficiently. It makes their business really profitable because end-level employess like line man, billing personnel cannot show false information to the business owner. The owner can find each and every subscriber’s information and their current status very easily using this online software. So it’s very convinient for him/her to make a sudden visit to customer and check the information from his/her employees. Presently three renowned cable TV operators are using this software and it is really remarkable that their month-end collection has been increased by 10-15%. They are: