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Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking:

The mobile phone is the most ever-present communication device in the world. Almost everyone has one and keeps it near them wherever they are. And so, emerging mobile banking services are becoming attractive to consumers who expect their bank to be available to them anytime, anywhere and globally.

Mobile banking is also becoming an imperative to many because it is the most convenient approach to perform remote ban king. By offering great flexibility in banking services, like making payments, transferring bank account & mobile wallet balances, encashment from doorstep agent points using mobile phone in easiest way possible by saving time & money of people. Banks/financial institutions are diversifying their service scope to consumers that makes them satisfied & encouraged which ultimately promotes the service. Mobile banking can generate additional income for the institutions as well as reduce risk, decrease labor, thus saving more money. Any forward-looking bank/financial institution need to provide mobile banking services in order to gain a competitive advantage.

We have developed different input applications for mobile banking:

  • STK Menu
  • WAP Menu
  • J2ME Menu
  • USSD Menu
  • IVR
  • SMS
Key features of our mobile banking Solution:
  • Operator Independency
  • Supports all(six) input applications
  • IVR based PIN authentication
  • In-house developed m-commerce platform with local expertise
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